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The primary difference between flame retardant cables and fireproof cables


btly fire proof power cable

1.The difference of definition

Flame retardant cable, it is to point to in the experimental condition, the sample was burning, after removed test of ignition, flame spread only in a limited range, or the flames burning residue in the finite cable to self extinguishing in the course of time.Fundamental characteristic is: in the case of a fire could be burn out and can not run, but can stop the fire from spreading.Popular speaking, in case of wire fire, can limit the combustion in the local scope, does not produce spread, keep other all sorts of equipment, avoid to cause a greater loss.

Fire-resistance cable is point to the flame to be able to keep a certain time to safe operation of the cable.China's national standard GB12666.6 (IEC331) fire-proof experiment divide into two levels(A and B): A level flame temperature 950-1000 ℃, for fire duration of 90 minutes, class B flame temperature 750-800 ℃, for fire duration of 90 minutes, during the whole test, sample should be under the rated voltage value of the product.

Mica Insulated Fire Resistent Cable

2.The difference of principle:

Principle of Flame Retardant Cables and fireproof cables are different.Containing halogen flame retardant cable principle is to rely on halogen flame retardant effect , halogen-free flame retardant cable principle is to put out the flame by precipitation water lowering the temperature.
Fire-resistant cable is to rely on refractory layer fireproof mica materials, heat resistant properties, ensure the cable normal work in the fire also.

3.The difference of structure and materials:

The basic structure of the flame retardant cable is:
(1) insulation use flame retardant materials;
(2) sheath and outer sheath are use flame retardant materials;
(3) the tape and fill with are use flame retardant materials.

And fire-resistant cable is usually between conductor and insulation layer to add a refractory layer, so in theory, can add a refractory layer in the structure of the flame retardant cable, are formed as flame retardant and fireproof cables, but it is not the necessary.Because of fire-resistant cable fireproof layer usually adopts multi-layer mica tape around the package on the conductor directly, it can be resistant to burn for a long period of time, even if the polymer of the cable section on fire burned down, also can ensure the normal operation of lines.


4.The difference of the application

Although there are many more flame retardant cable applies to the advantages of chemical enterprise, such as low smoke, non-halogen, but in general, fire-resistant cable can replace flame retardant cable, but the flame retardant cables can't take place of fire-resistant cable.Fire-resistance cable is widely used in high-rise buildings, underground railway, large power stations, underground street and important industrial and mining enterprises related to fire security and its l

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