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Huayuan Gaoke Cable Co Ltd was established in 1998 located in Daxing District in Anhui China The factory covers an area of over 20 000 square meters and has eighteen domestic and foreign advanced production equipments of power cables up to 110kv XLPE insulated Cables Company successfully introduced aluminum alloys cable production lines mineral insulated fire resistent cable production line and silicon rubber cables production line in 2012 The company aims to seek perfect quality technological innovation energy efficiency and environmental protection Huayuan has become an up rising star in Chinese high tech enterprises of the cable The enterprises adopted the ISO9001 2008 quality management...

Categories and Products

High Voltage Power Cable

Copper Conductor Corrugated Aluminium Armoured Power Cable 500KV XLPE INSULATED UNDERGROUND POWER CABLE Copper XLPE Corrugated Aluminum Armoured HV Cable 220kv XLPE Insulated High Voltage Cable Underground Single Core High Voltage Cable XLPE Insulated High Voltage Underground Power Cable 220kv XLPE Insulatede Electric Cable 132KV 1*800sqmm Copper XLPE Insulated Power Cable 220kv Copper XLPE Insulate Corrugated Al armour Power Cable 66KV 1*240sqmm Copper XLPE Corrugated Aluminum Sheath Cable 230kv Optical Fiber High Volt Underground Cable WITH KEMA REPORT 220kv 1c1600sqmm Copper XLPE Cable KEMA CERTIFIED Aluminium Amoured High Volt 220kv 1x2500sqmm Corrugated cable 110KV Grade and 220KV High Voltage insulated cable 66KV 1x800mm2 Copper XLPE Insulated Underground Cable High Voltage XLPE Wire Armoured Copper Power Cable (IEC) 290/500 Kv XLPE Insulated High Voltage Power Cable High-voltage 110~220KV XLPE Cable Fire Resistant High Voltage 11KV XLPE Insulated Power Cable high volt 35kv multi-core XLPE/SWA/PVC Insulated power Cable 

Middle Voltage Power Cable

35KV XLPE FR-PVC/FR-PE Sheathed Mouse-Proof Power Cable 33KV Copper Conductor,XLPE Steel Wire Armoured Cable 35KV Single Core Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Power wire Single Core XLPE Insulated Aluminum Armoured Power Cable 6KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Armoured Cable Concentric Neutral 12kv Middle Voltage Electric Cable 35kv Aluminium Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated Cable 12kv Copper XLPE Insulated Electrical Cable AS ICEA 12kv Copper XLPE Insulated Electrical Cable Stranded Copper power Cable 6.35/11kV Aluminium Wire Armour 23kv Middle Volt Electric Cable Single Pole Insulated Cable Middle Voltage Electric Cable UV Stabilized 6.35 / 11kV XLPE / AWA / PE PE Ultra Violet Stabilized Middle Voltage Electric Cable and wires Black PE Ultraviolet Stabilized Middle Volt black power Cable MV Copper Conductor Concentric Neutral Cable CU/XLPE / AWA / PE Middle Volt Electric Cable and line19KV / 33KV 19/33KV PE Outer Sheath Middle Voltage Electric Cable Middle Voltage Electric Cable Used On Drilling Platform 6KV-36KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Middle Volt Cable Middle Voltage Electric Cable 

Low Voltage Power Cable

0.6/ 1kv XLPE Insulated Electric Cable Low Voltage Electric Cable For Switch Lighting Distribute Copper Conductor Xlpe coaxial-cable For South America Market Low Voltage Electric Cable Solid And Stranded Conductor 0.6/1kv XLPE Insulated Low-Voltage Electric Cable 1KV 1X6SQMM Copper Conductor PVC Insulated PVC Sheath Cable COPPER CONDUCTOR PVC INSULATE FLAME RETARDANT POWER CABLE 1KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulation PVC Outer Sheath 1KV PVC Insulation Power Cable Wholesale Price Low Voltage XLPE Insulation Steel Wire Armoured Power Cable 1.5~500sqmm PVC/XLPE Insulated Low Voltage Power Cable various types of xlpe/ pvc insulation power cable Low Voltage/XLPE Insulated/PVC Sheathed/Armored Cables 0.6/1kv Copper Conductor XLPE insulated Fire-resistant Cable Aluminum/Copper XLPE Insulation Low Voltage Electric Power copper Cable NYCY Energy Cable, Copper Wire and Copper Tape Shield 450/750V Single Core H07V-R 1.5mm2 Electrical wire Cable 1KV Copper Conductor Construction Application Low Volt cable Low voltage copper 4 core armoured cable wire 120mm 1*2.5mm2 XLPE insulated low voltage power extension cable 

Fire-Proof Cable

Fire Proof MultiCore Inorganic Mineral Insulate Copper Cable FR-200 or FR-300 Fire Resistant unarmoured Power Cables Fire Resistant Power Cables Fire proof BS6387 CWZ cable with fire alarm and emergency FR-200 or FR-300 Fire Resistant unarmoured Power Cables Fire Resistant Extruded Aluminium Tube Armoured Power Cables Mica Insulated Fire-Proof Cable AS Cable BS6387 Category CWZ Mineal Insulated Fire Resistant Power Cables Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant FireProof Cable Copper Core Flame Retardant LSHF Outer Sheah Cable Fire Proof Cable Super Multi-Core 0.6/1KV Fireproof Mineral Insulated Metallic Sheath Cable 300V Flame Resistant Fire Proofing Cable Rubber Sheath Insulated Special Cable Copper Mica tape insulated Fire Resistant Cables 1KV Super A Class Flame Retardant Cable LSZH Sheath Fire Alarm Cable IEC60332 Standard Fire Alarm / Security Cable Bs6387 Fire Resistant Cable Two Core Mica Insulated Copper Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable 

Control Cable

0.6/1KV 27X2.5MM2 COPPER CORE XLPE INSULATED CONTROL CABLE Coppper Conductor PVC Insulated Control Cable 33KV Single SWA PVC Electric Cable IEC60502-2 Steel Wire Armoured PVC Outer Sheath Control Cable Silicon Rubber Flame Retardant Control Soft Cable 450/750V PVC Insulated Screen Control Cable PVC Insulated Sheathed Flat Control Cable Low Voltage For Construction Switch Control Cable RVV H03VV-F H05VV-F For Internal Connection flexible Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Control Cable Copper XLPE Insulated Screened Flexible Control Cable 1KV Copper Conductor PVC Insulation PVC Outer Sheath Control Cable 1KV Copper Conductor PVC Insulation PVC Sheath Control Cable 1KV 10 Cores XLPE Insulation PVC Over Sheath Control Cable 1.5mm Paired Galvanized Steel Braid Armour Control Cable 1KV Copper Conductor PVC Insulation Steel Wire Steel Tape Armour PVC Outer Sheath Control Cable 1KV Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Control Cable PVC Control Cable 300/500V or 450/750V Instrumentation and Signal Control Cable 300/500V or 450/750V Multi Core PVC Insulation PVC Sheathed Control Cable Fire resistant cable 450/750V PVC insulation sheath control cable 

Building Wire

1.5mm Stranded Conductor Insulated Low Voltage Electric Cable H07V-U 1.5mm 2.5mm Electric Cable PVC Building Wire Bs6004 Copper Electric Wire 2 core plus earth Flat Cable for Building BS6004 Three Core and Twin core Flat Electrical Wire and Cables to BS6004 Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Thw Wire Building Wire Electric Wire PVC Wire,house wire,CE approved H05VV-F building wire Cable and Wire For Building with 1.5 mm2 green/yellow earth single core 4mm PVC insulated copper wires 450/750V 14AWG THHN Nylon Flexible Strand Copper Wire 600V 10AWG THHN Nylon-LSF Strand Copper Wire 600V 8AWG THWN Nylon Covering Strand Copper Wire 600V 4AWG PVC Covering Strand Copper Wire THHW XHHW 600V 4/0AWG XLPE Covering Strand Copper Wire 

Overhead Cable

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel ACSR Power Cable Aluminum Conductor Steel Wire Reinforced Cable ACSR Guy Wire Galvanized Steel Wire High Strengh Thermal Resistant ACSR ABC Aerial Bundle Cable-NFA2X Triplexe Drop Wire Photovoltaic TUV Tinned Copper Conductor Solar Cable 6mm2 Aerial Bundled Cable NFA2X Aerial Bundle Cable ASTM/BS/Nfc/ IEC/DIN OVERHEAD CABLE ACSR Conductor 185/25 mm2 ALUMINUM CONDUCTOR STEEL REINFORCED[ACSR]240/30 mm2 ACSR Wolf High Voltage Cable Bs215 Bare Conductor Aluminum Conductor XLPE Aluminum Wire Screen PE Sheath Cable ACSR Wolf 150mm2 Conductor Bare Conductor ACSR Horse High Voltage Cable BS215 ISO 9001 0.6/1kv 4*16mm2 XLPE insulated ABC cable Aerial bundled overhead cable ACSR/ACS 560/50 mm2 Overhead Cable AAAC YEW 400 mm2 Over Cable AAAC 250 power cable AAC COWSLIP 2000MCM OVERHEAD CONDUCTORS Aluminium Clad Steel CABLE 

Rubber Insulated Cable

Stranded Heavy Duty Rubber Compound Insulation Sheath Cable Flat 3 Cores EPR Natural Pure Rubber Copper Wire 450/750V EPR Insulated Rubber Cable 5 Core Rubber H07 Rn-F Cable Copper Cable 750V Rubber Flexible Welding Cable orange rubber insulated flexible cable for welding machine 

Aerial Insulated Cable

Rated Voltage Aerial Insulated Cable Steel Core 0.6/1KV Aerial Insulated Cable OF Bundle Cables Low Voltage Hot Dip Galvanized Steel ACSR Overhead Conductor Power Cable ACSR Wolf 150mm2 High Voltage Cable Bs215 Bare Conductor Aerial Insulated Cable 0.6KV / 1KV For DC / AC System ACSR Conductor PVC Aerial Insulated Cable Solid Electric Cable 2X1/0AWG Plus Neutral Overhead Insulated Cable Direct Factory Supply XLPE / PVC Insulated Aluminum Quadruplex Aerial Bundle Cable ABC aerial bundled cable Aerial Insulated Cables Within Rated Voltage 10KV And 35KV 0.6 / 1KV Al Conductor PVC Insulated Overhead Cable 33kV 150mm2 XLPE Insulated Aerial Bundle Cable Low Voltage Twisted ABC Cable PVC Insulated Aerial Bundled Cables Aerial/Overhead/XLPE Insulated/ Power Cables China best sell 0.6/1kv 1000v aerial cables Aerial Bundle Cable with XLPE Insulated 0.6/1KV Triplex Aerial Bundle Cable Flustra 3/0 AWG AAC/XLPE/PE+3/0 AWG AAAC Hot! Low cost 10kv XLPE insulated aerial cable power cable Aerial bundle cable 25mm2 35mm2 50mm2 70mm2 overhead ABC Cable 1KV copper or aluminum conductor abc cable (Aerial Bundled Cable) 

Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable

1KV LSHF XLPE Insulated Power Cable 1.5mm2/2.5mm2/4mm2/6mm2/16mm2 Halogen Free Cable Fireproof Low Smoke Cable MV XLPE Insulated HFLS Sheathed Power Cable Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable/ Power Cable/Copper Wire WDZA-YJY low smoke no halogen electronic fire alarm cable 35KV and below Halogen Free Low Smoke Fire Retardant Cable Low smoke halogen free 2 core 2.5mm2 double shielded cable Low Smoke Halogen Free Sta Electric Power Cable 1.5mm2 Environmental protection Halogen free WDZ-YJV lszh cable sheathed cable Electrical Wires Low smoke halogen free type 4x25mm2 Cu/XLPE/PVC 

Branch Cable

Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Branch Cable For High Building Construction Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Prefabricated Branch Cable 0. 6/1KV frame retardant branch cable 7.2mm Three cores power cable PVC sheathed branch power cable multi cores series branch power cable 

Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable

600 Volt Aluminum Alloy conductor XLPE insulated Cable 600 V Aluminum Alloy XLPE Insulated Undergound Cable 0.6/1KV Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulation Underground Cable 600 Volt Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulation High Heat and Moisture Resistant Cable 600V Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulation Underground Cable 5*10mm2 Aluminium conductor XLPE Insulated power cable 0.6/1KV 3X120 mm2 Aluminum Conductor xlpe insulated cable 0.6/1kv aluminium XLPE insulated aluminium tape 4X95mm cable 0.6/1KV 4x35mm2 Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE power cable 3.6/6kv XLPE Insulated Steel Tape Armoured Power Cable ASTM Standard Aluminium Alloy Conductor Cable ASTM Standard Urd power Cable Five Cable Aluminium Alloy Conductor Compressed XLPE Insulated and PVC Sheathed Armored MV Power Cable 6-35KV Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured Power Cable 

Gavanized Steel Wire

Galvanized Steel Wire Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire 7 NO.8 AWG (58.57 mm2) 

Coaxial Cable

7/8 Corrugated Coaxial Cable for CCTV Copper CCS with High Quality RG-6U/White CCS Coaxial Cable /RG-6U QUAD/RG6/U CE,ROHS,REACH ,ETL Branch Cable 3 Outlet Male Plug CSA Approvel SJTW 3x16 AWG 

Fire Alarm Cable

Security Fire Alarm Cable Retractable Security Cable 4 Core 22AWG Fire Alarm Cable Fire Alarm Cable 2*1.5mm2 100% Copper Fire Cable alarm cable 22 awg UL standard fire alarm cable 100% cooper electric stranded power fire alarm cable electric power bare copper stranded fire alarm cable 

Insulation Power Cable

CU/XLPE/CWS/UV-HDPE 19/33(36) kV 1×400 mm2 600V 12AWG THHN Nylon Covering Strand Copper Wire 

XLPE Power Cable

6.35/11KV Electric UV Stabilized Middle Voltage Electric Cable XLPE / SWA / PE Middle Voltage Underground Cable Steel Wire /type Armoured Copper Power cable and lines Medium Volt 33kV XLPE Underground Armored Cable 3 Core 150mm 6.35/11kV XLPE 1x185mm2 copper conductor MV power cable 11KV 3C 185mm2 Underground Copper Power Cables 1C*300 mm2 33kV XLPE Insulated Power Cables 23Kv 240mm2 300mm2 aluminum XLPE insulated cable 12KV 1x400mm2 fire proofing water XLPE insulated power cable 1x120 mm2 19.05/33(36)kV CU/XLPE/CTS/LLDPE/AWA/LLDPE 

3 Core Power Cables

8.7-15kv Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Steel Wire Armoured Power Cable 24KV Aluminum Conductor XLPE Aluminum Wire Screen Cable Underground 0.6-1KV XLPE Insulation Aluminum Alloy Electrical Cable with STA/ SWA Armour Low Voltage 25mm 35mm 50mm 70mm 95mm XLPE Insualted Electric Cable 1KV Electric Power Cable 33kv armoured underground cable with XLPE insulated Middle Voltage Cable NA2XS(F)2Y (6 / 10 kV) 0.6/1 kV PVC Insulation ABC Cable 1*35+35 15kV 240mm XLPE 3 Core Power Cables ALUMINIUM-CLAD STEEL WIRE NYCY 3×10/10 mm2 XLPE Insulated XLPE Sheathed Cable 

PVC Insulated Power Cable

1KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable 0.6/1kv 4x120mm2 XLPE Insulated PVC Outer Sheath Power Cable 6KV Copper Conductor PVC Insulation Copper Tape Screen Cable PVC Insulated Building Wire and Cable electrical wire flat cable 3.6/6kv Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Steel Tape Armoured Power Cable Copper XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured Power Cable Medium Voltage Power Cables 1x400mm Power Cable 33kV XLPE cable price 0.6/1 KV XLPE power cable 185mm/ 240mm/ 300mm 25mm2 3.6/6kv~26/35kv XLPE Insulated Power Cable Low Voltage Copper Cable Cu/XLPE/PVC 1x630mm2 Power Cable Electrical Cables Medium Voltage Armoured 3x120mm 

Copper Conductor Power Cable

12KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulation with PVC Outer Sheath Power Cable and line 20KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulation PVC Outer Sheath wires 36KV 1*240sqmm XLPE Aluminum Wire Armour Cable 33KV 1*400sqmm Copper Conductor Steel Tape Armouring Cable Low Voltage XLPE Insulated and Sheathed Power Cable Copper Conductor low Volt Armour XLPE Insulated Power Cable 0.6/1kv copper steel tape armored fire proof Lsoh cable Building Wire, House Wire for Construction Steel Tape Armored Copper Cables 0.6 1kv Mineral Insulated Fire Reistant Cable 64/110kv XLPE Insulated Underground Cable Low voltage Armored/armoured Underground Cable Low Voltage PVC Insulated Cable Electric 3x1.5 18/30KV Middle Voltage XLPE Insulated Power Cable 1X300sqmm 12/20kv Copper Conductor XLPE Power Cable 0.6/1kV 3x25sqmm PVC insulated PVC outer sheath power cable 

Electrical Wire Cable

Single Layer Middle Voltage Electric Cable 6.35 / 11kv 6.35/11KV Middle Volt XLPE UV Stabilized electrical cable Aerial Insulate Cable Aluminium Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulation Low Voltage Electric Cable For Switch Lighting Distributes 10kv 3X240mm2 Three Core Power Cable with Armouring Power 600 Volts XHHW 2 Cable UL Cable Low Voltage Copper Building Wire Copper Core LSZH Sheath 8.7/15KV 3*240mm LSZH MV Cable 0.6/1kV 4 Core PVC Insulated 25mm Electric Cables CU/PVC 0.6/1 kV 1×150 mm2 Electrical thhn cable THW cable electrical wire 600v THHN wire 10 AWG THHN copper conductor PVC insulated THHN THW wire and cable THHN / THWN single or multi-core PVC Insulation Nylon sheathed THHN / THWN WIRE with UL certificate PVC insulated and Nylon sheathed wire THHN THWN THNN T90 Construction Wire 600V PVC Insulated Nylon Sheathed THHN THWN Nylon Coated Wire RHH/RHW-2/USE 4 core 6mm flexible Cable house wire Rhh/Rhw-2 USE Solar Wire 600V Cable Bare Copper Rhh / Rhw-2 USE-2 PVC/XLPE copper Cables Jacket MC Cable, XHHW-2/ RHH/ RHW-2 Cable USE-2 Solar Wire 600V Cable Bare Copper RHW/RHH/USEXLPE Insulation solar cable 

Single Core Power Cable

220KV Copper Conductor XLPE Copper Wire Screened Power Cable 6.35/11KV 3X120MM2 CU/ XLPE /SWA CABLE Gray PVC Sheathed Special Cable For Industry Use 4x25mm2 Alumiunm Conductor XLPE ABC Overhead Cable House Wiring Electrical Cables 1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 10mm 

Multi Core Power Cable

FRIC-300 & FRIC-300A Fire Resistant Instrumentation Cables Professional Aluminum Circular Compacted Aerial Insulated Cable copper core control cable , CAT6 cable, PVC flexible cable 0.6/1KV Aluminum Core XLPE Insulated Overhead Power Cable 4*16mm2 XLPE/PVC insulated ABC cable Aerial bundled overhead cable Middle Volta 20kv Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Cable Single/Three Core Mid Volt 35KV Aluminum XLPE Power Cable 8.7/10kV XLPE Cable / Copper XLPE Cable 11kV 12/20kV Aluminum/Copper conductor Underground XLPE Cable 185mm 1kV 11kV 33kV aluminium insulated Aerial bundled cable Famous Brand 10KV , PVC/XLPE insulated aerial bundle cable power cable XLPE insulated 70mm copper cable Medium Voltage 0.6/1kV 5X25mm XLPE insulated steel wire armored power cable Medium Voltage Copper/Aluminum Conductor XLPE/PVC insulated Power cable 240 sq mm 3 core 35kv XLPE insulated power cable Low Voltage XLPE/PVC insulated electric wire and cable 70mm XLPE Power Cables 6/10kV N2XS(F)2Y 95/16mm2 Electrical Cables IEC Standard 4x25mm2 with PVC insulation AL/XLPE ABC Cables with Steel Conductor 3x70+54.6+1x16mm 450/750V PVC Insulated Control Cables 

Coaxial Power Cable

Fire Proof Cable High Temperature Rated AC 1KV - 10KV 

Flexible Welding Cable

3.6/6KV~26/35KV XLPE Insulated Electric Cable LV Flexible Cable H07 RN-F Heavy Duty Movable Rubber Cable 300mm2 cables/300mm2 XLPE cable/XLPE cable 300mm 3×120+1×70 0.6/1 kV XLPE insulated power cable 

Rubber Power Cable

450 / 750V Natural Rubber Insulation Aramid Rope Lift Cable 0.6 / 1KV Pure Copper Wire Black Sheath HOFR Rubber Rubber Cables for Coal Mine H07 Rn-F Heavy Duty Movable Rubber Cable Rubber Insulated Flexible Welding Cable CE Listed 50mm2 70mm2 Rubber/CPE/Epr Sheathed Flexible Copper Welding Cable 6kv 3*35mm2+3*16mm2 Flexible Rubber Cable Rubber Insulated Electrical Cable YJGCFPB-10KV power high-voltage flat cable 

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