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At present, there are two main types of fireproof cables on the market, one is a magnesium oxide insulated copper sheathed mineral insulated fireproof cable; the other is a "flexible" fireproof cable with a composite insulated embossed metal sheath. As the first generation of mineral insulated fireproof cable, its equipment investment is expensive, the processing technology is complicated, the manufacturing cost is high, and the product exposes the shortcomings such as hard structure, poor insulation resistance, inconvenient construction and maintenance, and difficult to guarantee joint quality in electrical installation. In response to these problems, the industry has developed a second-generation fireproof cable represented by a wrapped strip-shaped composite insulation and embossed metal strip sheath, named as a flexible fire-resistant cable, which is intended to replace mineral insulated cables. However, after the insulating ribbon is burned, the powder is detached, which cannot effectively solve the defect of poor insulation performance; the tubular metal structure, together with the mechanical deformation of the embossing, completely deviates from the flexibility, and does not fundamentally solve the structural rigidity. This birth defect.

The third-generation fireproof cable with composite insulation and no metal sheath is a truly flexible fireproof cable designed to improve the defects of the first and second generation fireproof cables. The R&D team of Xingle Group has successfully developed the third generation of fireproof cables through in-depth research on cable fire protection technology and combined with market use, major improvements in material formulation and product structure, completely solving the first generation and the first The shortcomings and deficiencies of the second-generation fire-resistant cables have filled the gap in the domestic technology.

The cable adopts a non-metallic sheath, which fundamentally solves the problem of hardening of the first and second generation fireproof cables, and realizes the softness of the cable; the electrical insulation performance is also fundamentally improved compared with the first and second generation fireproof cables. . Because the metal sheathed joints and accessories are not required, the third generation fireproof cable is simpler to install, more convenient to maintain, more inclusive and longer lasting. Moreover, the third-generation fireproof cable can also be designed to meet various special needs, and can be designed into low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant, waterproof and water-resistant, mobile use, anti-ant, mouse-proof, chemical-resistant and other special fire-proof cables, which have a broad market. Prospects and significant socioeconomic benefits.

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